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The Name Chainsaw Sally is paying homage to Sally Hardesty, the girl Marilyn Burns played in the original Texas Chainsaw Massacre. April and Jimmy created the character as a mixture of Elvira, Tank Girl, LeatherFace, Hannibal Lecter and Bugs Bunny.

The last name, Diamon, is JimmyO's mothers family name.
Her grandmother, Ruby Diamon, was a madam in a whorehouse in Gulfport Mississippi
in the 1920's

JimmyO and his sister Katie, were moved into a trailer in the woods of Mississippi after a family tragedy. Because of this they raised themselves a great deal. Jimmy was 10, she was 5.

The town name of Porterville is simple... a combination of Port Deposit, and Perryville, where the movie was shot.

Zeke and Earl do not have a deep meaning, they were just fitting names.. However, their last names are.. Earl Nylund, Zeke Petrillo... and the new Mayor Devereaux... the 3 last names of the Golden Girls.

In the movie, in Gordans Hardware, you can see on the counter a sale on Centennial Nails. this is a reference to the Barrel Role scene in HG Lewis' 2000 Maniacs.

Also from the movie, the bathroom that Shawn Jones (our DP) is killed in is actually the mens room at The Senator Theater in Baltimore. The Senator is best known as the theater where John Waters premieres all of his movies. It's also where the opening scene of Silver Scream is shot.

In the Show, the character Blondie is named after Clint Eastwoods character in The Good The Bad and the Ugly. Not sure WHY his name is Blondie, as he does not have blonde hair. Likewise, Debbie Rochons does not have blonde hair, but has the same nickname... Blondie.

In connection to that, the new character in season 2, Angel Eyes, who is another serial killer, is named after the Lee Van Cleef character in Good Bad and the Ugly.

In The Groundhog Day Special, all of the campers had names of horror icons
...killers and victims. Fred and Nancy (Nightmare on Elm St) / Ash and Cheryl (Evil Dead) /
Jay and Alice (Friday 13th) - Jay of course short for Jason / Mike and Laurie (Halloween)


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